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Holographic Nail Polish

Written by  Thursday, 07 February 2013 02:45

Holographic Nail Polish Holographic Nail Polish © 2013 Nail Fanatics Inc.

Holographic nail polish, sometimes referred to as 3D nail polish, is popping up on several top 10 lists as one of the top nail trends of 2013. Science defines a hologram as “a photographic image of an interference pattern that, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image.” The 3D effect of holographic polish makes it so that depending on the lighting and your angle, the polish particles shine in different colors. Chanel launched the first holographic nail polish in 2007 and the product promptly sold out following its catwalk debut. Today, an ever-growing number of nail polish brands are adding holographic nail polish to their collections, giving us more and more reasons to swoon over their prismatic shine.

Brands that carry holographic nail polish shades include OPI, Gosh, Urban Outfitters and Dollish Polish. The kind I'm wearing in the photo is Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat by Nails Inc. The color is listed as "clear" meaning it mainly takes up the base color of the nail. Most brands carry holographic nail polish in several colors, but I liked the versatility of a holographic top coat that takes on the base shade.

I layered it over 3 layers of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Blue-Away, after writing a review for that shade, which gives it that silvery-blue shine. The website recommends using “one coat for a subtle holographic finish and two coats for a fabulous party look”. By the time I read that I had already layered on 3 layers of the stuff, in addition to a base and top coat – resulting in a thick 8-layer manicure. If I were to re-apply, I would only use 2 layers of base coat and 2 layers of the holographic polish, without the redundant top coat. Unsurprisingly, an 8-layer manicure is easy to smudge!

Despite the inevitable smudges, I am still a big fan of my holographic manicure, as my nails now resemble tiny disco balls. As the look acquires more fans and brands create more shades, we surely haven’t seen the last of holographic nail polish in 2013!

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