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5 Nail Art Ideas for Your Mom's Mother's Day Mani

Written by  Wednesday, 08 May 2013 15:11

Mother's Day weekend (yes, she deserves a whole weekend!) is coming up, meaning it's time to think of a way to thank that lady who took care of your from diapers to dorm. Rather than opting for predictable gifts like flowers or chocolates - why not treat mom to a Mom's day inspired manicure?

Set the stage for a pampering session by setting up a manicure table like you'd find at a salon. Play soothing music, burn a candle or some incense, and go through all the steps a professional manicurist would when doing mom's nails. Bathe her hands in a warm homemade soak, apply lotion, push back or cut cuticles and get creative with ways to express your love for mom on her fingernails. Here are some inspired ideas we've found online:

1. Bouquet of Roses Nail Art

The roses in this design look good painted a little imperfectly, and they totally stand out on a greige polka dot backdrop. The dotted "M" accent nail on the thumb is a nice touch!

Source: Best New Trends

2. I Heart Mom Nail Art

This minimalist design gets to the point of how you feel about your mom. You totally heart her! Rose accent nails on the thumb and pinky fill out this design and give it a nice symmetry.

Source: Nail It!

3. Heart Print Nail Art

These red-on-white and white-on-red heart print nails are perfect for mom! The black accent nail with a mom-tattoo design is a perfect way to show your love without having it inked on your body for eternity.

Source: Tiny Tangerines

4. Polka Dot Nail Art

Another Mom tattoo inspired accent nail, paired with a less busy polka dot pattern.

Source: Daaaang Girl!

5. Eye Love Mom

Use all 5 nails to say it: eye, heart, M, O, M.

Source: Nail It!

Happy Mothers Day from Nail Fanatics!

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