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Nail Trends: Nail Blog of the Week: Varnished Reputation

This is the first post in our new Blog of the Week series! Each week we'll be highlighting a new blog by giving you a taste of the nail goodies contained therein and some background on the blogger behind the posts.We are excited to announce this week's blog: Varnished Reputation! It's everything you want in a nail blog: witty writing, reviews of the latest indie nail products, and lots of…

Nail Designs: 10 Great Gatsby Inspired Nail Art Ideas

After hearing the stellar reviews, last night I went to see The Great Gatsby 3D. The film is an aesthetic feast, bringing to life the Roaring Twenties with stunning photography and an amazing soundtrack. Expecting the latest pop culture phenomenon to have already made it's mark in the nail world, I found these delightful examples of Great Gatsby nail designs.1. Black and Gold Art Deco Nail Art This nail design…

Nail Designs: 6 Nail Art Ideas Inspired by Famous Painters

Put the "art" in nail art with these designs inspired by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein! 1. Andy Warhol This super-detailed nail art references some of the pop artist's most famous pieces including his Campbell's Soup Can, Velvet Underground Banana, and portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Source: Get Nailed 2. Jackson Pollock This paint splattered nail art channels Pollock's abstract style of drip…

Nail Tips: 10 Tips For A Long Lasting Manicure

Is there anything worse than shelling out the dough for a manicure and promptly chipping your perfectly lacquered nails? Whether you're spending your money at a salon or your time on a DIY manicure, here are 10 tips for maximizing your investment for a longer lasting manicure.1. Prepare Your Canvas: Remove any moisture, oil, dust or leftover polish, all of which prevent adhesion of your new nail polish. Prep the…

Nail Designs: 5 Nail Art Ideas for Your Mom's Mother's Day Mani

Mother's Day weekend (yes, she deserves a whole weekend!) is coming up, meaning it's time to think of a way to thank that lady who took care of your from diapers to dorm. Rather than opting for predictable gifts like flowers or chocolates - why not treat mom to a Mom's day inspired manicure?Set the stage for a pampering session by setting up a manicure table like you'd find at…
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